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Our Roof Sentry moisture detection and monitoring system is ready to stand

guard over your roof 365 days a year!

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The Roof Sentry can detect and report the presence of moisture infiltration into your roof system. They are also equipped with the capability of removing moisture from under the roofing membrane. This accelerates the drying out of roof insulation and regeneration of the existing insulation’s R-Value, thus extending the service life of the entire roof assembly.

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Renewable Roofing

Finally a Reality!

The Roof Sentry is redefining renewable
roofing solutions through it’s patent-pending
process of moisture detection, moisture
removal and ongoing monitoring
services. We have enabled our customers
to save hundreds of thousands of dollars
on individual roofing projects.

The Roof Sentry System

Enabled One of Our Clients
Save Over $800,000 on a
Single Roofing Project




We are the only company to integrate wireless technology with
roof moisture vents. This unique design is the ultimate solution for
detecting moisture problems in flat roofs. The Roof Sentry is designed

to detect moisture down to the parts per million range. This network of

Roof Sentry nodes provides early warning of any moisture infiltration.

Bulk Water Removal


*Our high volume water removal process can quickly remove
hundreds of gallons of water from deep within the layers of
your roof system.

We will custom design a moisture remediation system that
will efficiently remove the most prevalent type of water
trapped in your commercial roof system.

High Volume

Water Removal

Benefits of Early Moisture Detection

  • Eliminates Extensive Damage to Roof Insulation / Building Envelope

  • Reduces Repair Costs & Extends the Service Life of the Roof

  • Diminishes the Risk of Black Mold

  • Prevents Product Damage and/or Lost Production Time

Roof Monitoring Services

Knowledge is power. Our real-time monitoring services provide our

clients with instantaneous notifications and status updates of on-site
conditions that are affecting the roof, such as:


Moisture Content
Ambient Temp
Wind Analysis
Internal Roof Temp
Atmospheric Pressure
Roof Traffic & Vandalism

This information is sent to our Roof Sentry

data servers, analyzed and archived for future

evaluation. When a roof leak is detected,

electronic notifications can be sent instantaneously from our

monitoring center via email or text to the contractor, consultant

and building manager of your choice to ensure prompt response and

repair. You will be able to access this information in a graphical format

from virtually anywhere in the world on any device you choose.

Data At Your Fingertips 

In the time that it takes you to have your morning coffee, you can check the
condition of your roofing assets from anywhere on earth.
Our system provides realtime access to historical data 365 days a year.

The data is analyzed and archived on our secure servers so you have
the peace of mind of knowing that your data is only keystrokesaway.

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